Live From The Barbershop

by Dannydangerously



A uncompromising dynamic debute from multitalented singer/songwriter/rap artist Dannydangerously drawing on his influence of British and American 90's hiphop, life experiences, comedy, fantasy, metaphore and fiction. Produced and arranged by Downstroke in a flat above a barbershop ( hence the name).


released February 3, 2011




all rights reserved


Dannydangerously UK

Dannydangerously is a unique fusion of funk, rap, rock and parody aka a bloody brilliant listen. With a British edge to his voice and some immensely catchy grooves,
a refreshingly working class lyrical perspective. it’s like Ian Dury and Chic had a baby which then grew up listening to grunge
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Track Name: Danidanja
I'm the infamous Danny dangerous so cold refrigerating haters to glaciers instantaneous
Painless, Downstroke the alias we're shameless
Breaking the basics
Snare drums and bass kicks
What''s your style?
My styles the art of fighting without fighting
Show me some?
Ok I'll do some freestyling
Beat your ass to death whilst you still standing there smiling
And while your sisters crying I'll be passing her the cleanex
That I used to jerk myself off when I was watching sex on t.v.x
I fuck posses of prozzies with hot bodys in swimming cozzys
I got more birds on my brain then Bill Oddy
I hold the olympic torch for ransom
And smoke that cone until I sound like Louis Armstrong
I'm coming off like a amputees arm
Swap your lip balm for some agent orange
I'm Danny dangerous

I'm Danny dangerous
Indigenous I'm genius, fiendish
Leave you tong twisted and speechless
I've just created another human faeces
Heres one I made earlier just like blue peters
I'm turning chokers to stone like mad-user
While Downstroke is cutting up like Freddy Cruger
The smoking Buddha with the body of a God
Go well with a brunet, red head or blond
Jaes we traffic on
More girls than James Bond
The jack of all trades with all the mod cons
I purge your urge to spit your wack dirge
Your shit sounds faker than a plastic turd
I flip the bird word, kick it to the curb
Spit straight from the grill like m.c search
Its the saviour siblings, he's scratching, I'm scribbling
We're here to make a killing like oil firms drilling
Cause I'm dangerous

I'm Danny dangerous
Illusionist, escapist , face it, I fuck the beat like a rapist
I take the piss like Paula Radcliff
The hyperactive fat kid with some petrol and a matchstick
I got the magic like air max classics
And I spit sporadic like a semi automatic
I open mics like a can of worms and pass it like germs
Giving Chinese burns
I flip a bird to who it concerns and if it concerns you
I hit you like bird flu
I'm the infamous Danny dangerous
Ill humorous
Wop bamba loo wop just like funk doubious
I'm the nucleolus napalm the audience
Belligerence with brilliance surveying you like ordinance
I'm Danny Dangerous
Track Name: Still got the love
I cant hold a grudge unconditional tough love
Your set in your ways
Never change, never budge
My Dad would come home from the pub
Hit my mum and not give a damn
A grown man seen through the eyes of son
Someone young trying to make some sense
Of what society expects you to become
Cry die inside going out of my mind
Fell behind at school
Couldn't follow the rules
Didn't give a damn about nothing at all
Life was cruel but love was crueller
She dredged my soul like a deep sea trawler
If I could travel back in time to Christmas in 89
Sonic spinning through my mind on my sega mega drive
I'd try to change my dads mind and meet him down the pub
Tell he's got a son he's got to show some love

Still got the love
Still got the love

My fam stays strong, unconventional,
Peculiar to nuclear fam, pots and pans, plots of land
What's a man to do when he don't do well at school
All your dreams burnt to the seams, fell through
Nobody's true like the stars on channel u
Provide lies to feed your eyes, keep you hypnotised
Fuel prices rise, hit the skys like a high rise
No jobs secure
Prospects are few and far between
Kids exposed to the obscene
Elite drug fiends throw beef to the streets
The police are weak and seek the meeker
Geezers with the reefer in the cheater sneakers
But thats how it is I keep it real bruv
When the going get tough I keep it real bruv
Theres to much bad stuff in the news
To let some bad stuff happen to you
So do what you do and go where you go
Keep your hood up and your head down low
But when you get home to a place thats safe
Show face and give some love embrace

Still got the love
Still got the love

I got love for the people I trust and represent who I respect
All my friends, ends and hiphop heads
Stay true to the game and don't follow trends
I keep it real and I don't pretend
So lend me your ear and I'll make it clear
That fear breads fear, breads fear, breads fear
I got love for the game from back in the day
And I still got the same love and that wont change
I got bug for the crowd buzz for the funk loud
And I aint done yet so I aint going out
I got some much love and so many shout outs
That people think I'm nuts and don't know what I'm about
So let this lout show clout,
I'm loud and proud well endowed with no doubt
That we still got love for the life that we live
So give thanks and praise cause life is a gift

Still got the love
Still got the love
Track Name: Curious
This is a semi-detached enotional clapes, simulated v.r, running 6000 laps, taking photo's for art, rips a hostage apart on a trip to eclipse where you never wake up.