Home Of the broken souls

by Dannydangerously



Danny Dangerously represents something different in the world of UK Hip Hop, with an unmistakeably old school vibe reminiscent of Roots Manuva at his Dub-flexing finest, and a refreshingly working class lyrical perspective in a scene permeated by wannabe rude boys.

Though unmistakably British, the track carries on the tradition of American conscious rap, with some sonic blemishes reminiscent of Mos Def’s more playful side, and a dash of Tribe Called Quest’s lyrical free-falling.

With Plan B giving up on his roots for rampant experimentation, and Prof Green wallowing in a sea of mediocrity after so much early promise, a hole in the market has emerged for a true-blue rhyme saying troubadour to take the world by force, and Danny Dangerously seems perfectly poised to fill that vacancy


released January 1, 2011

Beats by Mat Davey & Rhymes & Guitar by D.Martin.
Produced by Dannydangerously



all rights reserved


Dannydangerously UK

Dannydangerously is a unique fusion of funk, rap, rock and parody aka a bloody brilliant listen. With a British edge to his voice and some immensely catchy grooves,
a refreshingly working class lyrical perspective. it’s like Ian Dury and Chic had a baby which then grew up listening to grunge
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Track Name: Long Time pt2
Back in the day with my keora O.J
We used to play muscle men, innocent and troublesome
I reminisce over you like Pete Rock and CL Smooth
One nation under a groove
No crew
Me and lowkey would watch m.t.v. raps and dream it could be me up on the screen
But reality had a trick up her sleeve
Life played me now I got a girl and a baby
Important lesson stop stressing
Learn excepting what I had was a blessing
I used to blame my mum so much
That me and my dad lost touch
But then he never really deserved us
Lifes tough, it only sucks if your a sucker
These streets are tough so you got to be more tougher
Love for my sister, love for my brother
Just like a jungle I keep from going under

Its a long time coming, its a long time gone

Its long in the mouth down South
Long in the tooth, these days everybody hates the truth
Its been a long time coming but its never to soon
Theres never enough time but so much to do
I been chatting to drew, chatting to Tim
About old school friends what happened to them?
People change, become a individual
Grow up, have kids catch up and get miserable
We're survivors of the wildest wilderness
Never said we was the best but still we come fresh
We don't set trends, we fall in and out of fashion
Still there somewhere mixing and chatting
I break your beat like yesterday
Take you back to a distant memory
Chipped blunt in the ash tray
Breaks on the long play
SM58 and the age of tapes

Its a long time coming, its a long time gone